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We are a Massachusetts-based mental health practice that goes above and beyond for our patients and offers both in-office and virtual visits. 

At Alverdia Health, your wellness, story, and happiness come first. And because no two tales are exactly alike, we specialize in a unique “whole-person” approach to psychiatry that’s completely customized to cater to you.

Find New Ways to Flourish With Supportive Mental Healthcare

Optimism. Collaboration. Diversity.

Alverdia Health is a place you can come to feel comforted, safe, and free of judgment or harm. Our duty is to work with you side-by-side to find your best mental health treatment plan. At Alverdia Health, we believe that one size cannot and does not fit all. And so, we often use a combination of psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, or other evidence-based non-psychopharmacology measures to help you achieve the right results.

We go the extra mile to collaborate with your counselors and doctors to put together a more complete picture of you. 

At Alverdia Health, you are all that matters. Let’s get together to discuss and learn as much about your strengths and struggles so we can put you on the right path to healing.

A little bit of support can go a long way. Call Alverdia Health at (617) 300-0728 today or click here to request an appointment.

Our Mission and Vision

We envision a world where our staff, patients and neighborhood communities have the opportunity to grow, flourish and live a balanced life.

We inspire to deliver high quality cultural informed psychiatric services that are convenient and focused on bettering our patients’ mental health and well-being.

What We Provide


We are a behavioral health service in Massachusetts that aims to help our neighborhood community by providing Psychiatric Consultations, Psychopharmacology, and Brief Psychotherapy treatment via Telepsychiatry and face-to-face at three convenient locations in Boston, Cambridge and Quincy.

 What We Specialize In

 Our small practice focuses on helping individuals with acute mild to moderate mood disorders, anxiety disorders, life stressors and burn-out.

 In the same way that a doctor’s office is different from an Emergency Room, Alverdia Health is a small practice that is not equipped to treat conditions that require urgent and immediate care. Alverdia Health does not treat chronic or resistant mood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, addictions, obsessive compulsive disorders, eating disorders, ongoing suicidality or dementia.

Our Values


We believe in teamwork and the importance of collaborating with our patients’ providers to provide excellent care


We believe work-life balance is important for the well-being of an individual


We are proactive in ensuring that your private information is safe with us. We use the most up-to-date, HIPAA compliant software to safeguard your privacy.


We want our care to be convenient. This is the reason we offer telepsychiatry and office visits and make it easy for patients to communicate with us via our Patient Portal.


We believe in inclusivity and serve all individuals regardless of race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, religion or disability. We believe communities are more enriched the more diverse they are.


We have high standards and aim to provide evidence-based excellent, transparent and accountable care


We care for our patients and want them to feel at ease and comforted when they come to us.


We accept roadblocks as challenges and also opportunities to grow, to shift course or to test new waters.

Green Space

We love plants, trees and nature and believe it can have positive benefits on the well-being of an individual.


We are passionate about what we do and work every day to help our patients flourish


We want our practice to be an incubator to test new creative ideas that will help us further provide efficient and quality patient-centered care.


We have a strong sense of community and believe a life well lived is one that is spent in the service of others.

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