Every individual requires unique treatment methods to combat their symptoms of depression. While cognitive behavioral therapy and prescription medications work well for many people, many others may be helped by embracing a spiritual practice.

When we are stressed or anxious, we tend to over-breathe or under-breathe. This can cause dizziness and hyperventilation. Deep breathing is a powerful way to gain control over your breath and reaction to a panic attack.

As soon as you feel the anxiety coming on, focus intently on your breathing and nothing else. Begin to take slow… deep breaths. Slow deep breaths send a signal to our body that we are not under attack and everything is okay.

Let your loved one know that you’re there to listen. Hold back judgment or unwanted advice, and simply be an ear. Let them know that they can call or text you any time to talk.

Most people know that a healthy diet is important in managing weight and aging well. But what many people don’t realize is that the foods we eat can significantly alter our mood.

The most common social phobia is giving a public presentation. Did you know that the number 1 fear of people all around the world is public speaking. More people are scared to get up in front of others and speak than they are to kick the bucket!

Nurture Your Body and Spirit. Try and find fun ways to reconnect with your family. Eat right and make sure to stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep.

Having the right space at home will help you focus on the tasks at hand. It will also automatically set boundaries with family. Keep Your Regular Schedule. Take Advantage of the Flexibility

Fathers simply didn’t know they could suffer from PPD and so ignored any symptoms they were experiencing.

The study found that those people who use social media, even on a daily basis, to connect and share information, had positive mental health outcomes.